The Arizona Biltmore is the site for the 2015 State Bar of Arizona Convention.

The Arizona Biltmore is the site for the 2015 State Bar of Arizona Convention.

This is annual Convention week at the State Bar of Arizona. As always, a large selection of educational seminars (and fun activities) are packed into the three-day event held in Arizona Biltmore.

More detail about the Convention is here.

As always, Arizona Attorney Magazine staff (yes, that’s me) will cover the annual event.

And as in the past, we will not print a once-a-day hard-copy “Convention Daily.” Instead, I’ll will cover Convention news closer to real time, via the editor’s blog and social media. We will use multiple channels to communicate what’s going on. But the surest way to be sure you see everything is to follow me on Twitter. My name in Twitter is @azatty. You can view all the evolving content here (or at, to be specific). I will be tagging everything with the hashtag #azbarcon – so be sure to search for that.

Want to participate? Send me brief stories or story suggestions. Or if you have convention photos, we’d be glad to share them with readers.

And don’t forget to tweet from convention. Use the hashtag #azbarcon.

Questions or suggestions? Reach the Editor, Tim Eigo, on-site at the Biltmore, at 602-908-6991 or via

And always feel free to stroll up and say hello. I’ll be hiking all over the Biltmore to cover the goings-on. Or you may catch me at the Arizona Attorney table in the Exhibitor area. If you miss me there, leave your card or a note.

The annual State Bar of Arizona Convention launches in earnest Wednesday morning with three days of seminars and networking opportunities at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa. I’m looking forward to meeting many longtime members whom I’ve known for years, as well as meeting many more new members.

This afternoon, events kick off with a Board of Governors meeting. News from that gathering and all Convention activities will be posted here and other Arizona Attorney Magazine online channels. Want to be sure you don’t miss anything? Follow my updates via Twitter (at @azatty).

And all the Convention-related tweets will come with the hashtag #azbarcon – log on to see what’s up.

If you plan to attend Convention, stop by the Arizona Attorney table in the Exhibitor space. I’ll be there or reporting from a seminar—but you can always track me down.

This morning I’m packing my two bags to lug the gear required to pick up stakes from my desk and head north to the event. As I gathered the materials, it occurred to me you might enjoy seeing what I’ll be schlepping through the Biltmore. Here’s a photo (with a legend below):

A. Dell laptop (the workhorse)

B. Samsung tablet (a bold experiment to see if the lighter iPad wannabe can unseat the Dell for most tasks)

C. Heavily annotated Convention brochure (including my added Twitter handles for speakers and their employers, which aids quick Tweeting)

D. Notepads

E. Smartphone (workhorse number two, which handles a huge amount of story posting and photography)

F. High-powered audio recorder

G. Older (backup) audio recorder

H. Camera (when I need a better shot than the old phone can achieve)

I. Pens

J. Pencil (for when the pens die)

K. Cables for … everything

L. Batteries (for audio recorders)

M. Recent magazines

N. Flash drive for document-sharing/transport

O. Mints and Advil

P. Business cards

OK, I’m officially exhausted before we begin. Fortunately, though, a wide variety of online, cloud-based tools (which I won’t subject you to) make the work far easier than ever before. So the hardware may be heavy, but the software lightens the load.

I hope to see you at Convention. I’m always happy to stop what I’m doing to share a coffee, so be sure to say hi if you spot me.