Holy cow! Was it last November that I started beating the bushes for bloggers? (And we all know how painful that can be.)

That’s right, November. The State Bar was in the throes of its website transformation, and we here at Arizona Attorney Magazine had been granted the deepest wish of our heart’s desire. No, not a raise, or profit-sharing, or a mai-tai-strewn lanai. We were going to get a News & Information page.

For a long time now, we have been champing at the bit to have a path that will us allow us to tell more and diverse stories. The days are past when a print magazine alone can carry the information load. And that’s why we have broadened our reach through social media, sharing news and opinion through Facebook, Twitter and this blog.

All of that, we agreed, was great. But we lacked a great anchor—a website that is cutting-edge and that provides flexibility and functionality.

I am told that all of our brainstorming is about to come to fruition. A mockup of the page is below, and we are very pleased. (Click to make it larger.) We can’t wait to get started. (Our magazine home page is also being redesigned, and it will continue to provide magazine-focused content.)

In the next 30 days, I am told that the entire website, including our news page, will be focus-grouped. And then we’ll be up and running.

Which gets me back to my call for bloggers. I’ve already heard from some, but more is (often) better.

As I explained, we will feature a rotating stable of bloggers. On our page, we will provide a teaser and link to four or five different bloggers every day. That way, no one is expected to write every day, and I can change the teasers when someone has posted great new content.

To launch, we will focus on those Arizona lawyers who are already blogging. So if you are already out there, on WordPress or Blogger or some other site, contact the editor (me) at arizona.attorney@azbar.org. That’s all there is to it. You may continue to market your site wherever else you’d like. Our new page will simply offer you added visibility. And it will provide our readers more good stuff.

I am also looking forward to collaborating with lawyers who want to begin blogging but have not yet done so. Putting our heads together, I think we can get you up and writing.

Contact me now, and we’ll be sharing your thoughts and analyses before you know it.