Animation highbrow and somewhat lower meets as the Simpsons wander Miyazaki's worlds.

Animation highbrow and somewhat lower meets as the Simpsons wander Miyazaki’s worlds.

A brief item on this Change of Venue Friday (who wants anything else?).

This piece may be a little dated, as it originally occurred back in January. But it’s worth showing again.

If you are a fan of (1) The Simpsons and/or (2) filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki, you may recall that the TV show offered up a show that was a tribute to the Japanese legend. Back in January, he had announced that he was done with the artistry of creating films, saddening millions who have enjoyed his work.

Here is a news story about the charming mashup.

(Not familiar with Miyazaki? Here is his filmography.)

So here are two Friday treats for Miyazaki fans. The first is a trailer from The Simpson’s special episode. (The complete show is filled with movie references.)

And here, because I can, enjoy Catbus, a costume that combines a beloved Miyazaki character and adds, um, a cat.

Why, yes, that is a Catbus. (Thank you, Mr. Miyazaki!)

Why, yes, that is a Catbus. (Thank you, Mr. Miyazaki!)

Have a wonderful and spirited weekend.

Not only is this a Change of Friday, but it’s also the last day of the month. And on that doubly good occasion, I decided to try something different: I made a video.

Don’t get too excited; Martin Scorsese doesn’t have to worry about me upending his legacy. Instead, I got to try some funky animated functionality to convey some good news, which is: We at Arizona Attorney Magazine are going to improve even more our digital offerings. That’s right, an app is on your way.

Our digital edition already can sense (through computer magic, I guess) when you reach the site through a mobile phone. At that point, it opens up a version that is extremely readable. Still, we thought we could do better.

The app will be accessible via many devices, both iPhone (and iPad) and Android. And it will include not just the content from the print magazine, but feeds from a variety of our news channels.

I’ll send out more information as we get closer to our launch. But for now, enjoy a brief video that has two lawyers (O’Connor and Simpson) explaining the new effort.

Go on; click to watch the video. You can afford the minute and a half on a Friday!

Have a great—and animated—weekend.