Arizona Attorney December_2005A recent feature story reminds us of the power of vision and drive. In this case, both arose from those who decided it was time for the State Bar to launch an Animal Law Section.

Those early conversations occurred probably a decade ago. And we enjoyed the new group so much, we featured the Section and our story on the cover of our December 2005 Arizona Attorney.

This month, I read that members of the Section decided to take a road trip together.

You read that right: a road trip. How many Sections do you know that hop into cars together and travel for hours toward a common destination? (And when it gets boisterous, does the Executive Council ever have to warn that they will turn this car around right now?).

The shared vision of the Section took them on a journey to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, in Kanab, Utah. As the Best Friends folks open their story:

“For Amanda Chua, a personal injury attorney, and 21 other Arizona attorneys and their families, a trip to Best Friends took a whole year to plan. The diverse group included real estate attorneys, personal injury lawyers, family law practitioners and civil litigators. Despite their array of specialties, all of the attorneys are members of the State Bar of Arizona, and belong to a special group called the Animal Law Section, which has over 90 members.”

“It was during a membership meeting that the idea of a trip to Best Friends came up. Many of the attorneys in the group serve on the boards of, and/or volunteer with, local rescue organizations or environmental groups. And many of them knew about the Michael Vick dog-fighting case, so they were familiar with the work that Best Friends does. But a few people in that meeting mentioned that they had never visited the Sanctuary. So Amanda, who was the past chair of the Animal Law Section, proposed that they form a committee to plan a group excursion to Kanab, Utah.”

You can read the complete story here.

Attorney Amanda Chua, center, and other members of the State Bar Animal Law Section recently visited the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.

Attorney Amanda Chua, center, and other members of the State Bar Animal Law Section recently visited the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.

Well done to all of the Section members who decided to take their legal practice area into “the field” for an exciting excursion.

Zeke helped me miss a mobile app webinar!

Here’s how a day can get off track.

My midday goal was to sit through a lunchtime webinar titled Mobile Media Solutions: You Need an App, and Here’s Why. It was free, it may benefit Arizona Attorney Magazine—what’s not to like?

Instead, I found myself at our veterinarian’s office with one of our two dogs, Zeke. Yesterday, we had noticed his charming new head-tilt. With my stubborn anthropomorphism, I assumed he was communicating something witty, or at least facetious. Our own brilliant Becket, I imagined. Waiting for Dogot.

It took my wife’s more incisive curiosity to reveal that something was amiss—and funky smelling—in his left ear. He wasn’t ironic; he was infected.

Zeke at his fighting weight

Our visit this morning yielded the following: He’s put on two pounds. He has an ear infection that may have been brought on by our other dog Cleo’s obsessive “cleaning” of Zeke’s ears, exacerbated by Cleo’s elderly dental situation. Zeke will require two kinds of antibiotics, one by mouth and one by (human) finger.

All of that for only $95.

As I review my morning, it made me think of two things. One is that $95 is a small price to pay to avoid a webinar on mobile apps. And the other is that it reminded me of a story I wrote a few years ago about the State Bar of Arizona’s Animal Law Section. I think our efforts yielded a pretty good story (called “Laws for Paws: A New Breed of Law Section” – how witty are we?) and a cover much-loved by readers.

You can read the story here.

“Cleo the Vector”: Who can't write an editor's column?

It also reminded me that Cleo (now called “Cleo the Vector” in our house) took pen to paw to write the Editor’s column in that Animal Law issue. I think she did a pretty good job, given her illiteracy and all.

You can read it here.

And here’s a shout-out to the wonderful Dr. Alicia Ruiz and the Central Phoenix Animal Hospital. Zeke—and I—thank you.