Lady Gaga in Phoenix, July 2010

News stories this week described how a song on the eagerly awaited Lady Gaga album “Born This Way” goes after SB1070, Arizona’s own criminal–immigration hybrid.

Should musicians come to Arizona, or should they honor a boycott launched by Sound Strike in protest of 1070? I’ve written about various responses to that question here and here.

As the inception of the law recedes into the distance, that is likely to be a less and less interesting question—unless and until higher courts allow implementation of the law, and then all bets are off.

Until that happens, responses like Gaga’s are where the news is—engaging, rather than boycotting. Many in Arizona may wonder how much effect its laws have outside our borders. But hearing from an international music star, as she takes up an entire track of a new album to comment on our home-grown debate, is a rousing reminder of the porosity of borders—in a musical if not immigration way.

Here is a video of Gaga performing the song “Americano” on the album “Born This Way.” (Video was by a fan at her concert in Guadalajara.)