Maricopa County Courthouse 1800sThis week, I’m sharing some Arizona Attorney content that may have slipped by you unnoticed. As we are about to launch the September issue, I wanted to be sure you saw a few items that I think are significant. (Yesterday, I mentioned a data list that may be of great help to attorneys wondering what’s on the minds of jurors.)

My second mention of the week for magazine content is a column that honors a special bar anniversary—not of the State Bar, but of the Maricopa County Bar Association.

Stan Watts is not only a lawyer but also a historian. And our back-page story by Stan is the result of a collaboration between Maricopa County Bar Association Executive Director Allen Kimbrough, Stan and me.

When I heard from Allen about the MCBA’s 100-year anniversary, I agreed it would be ideal for us at the State Bar to recognize the achievement. But how?

Fortunately, Allen suggested Stan could draft something evocative, as he has so many times in the past. And that he did, well in advance of the County Bar’s September 20 Centennial event.

You can read Stan’s great piece here. And then head over the MCBA to secure a seat at their centennial banquet.

(Of course, as we hurried toward the magazine deadline, I managed to miss the flawed headline touting the bar’s “decade of service.” I think readers understood that we meant a century. Here’s hoping the blog title above will make up for that.)

Tomorrow, on the final day of July, I take a grammatical turn in magazine content. I hope you join me.

ABA President Carolyn Lamm

Well, our title’s not entirely accurate. I attended a breakfast meeting this morning with legal leaders and ABA President Carolyn Lamm. The breakfast conversation—and my follow-up Q&A with President Lamm—were so extensive that I’ve not managed to return to the conference this morning.

This afternoon, I head over to another great event: the graduation of the State Bar of Arizona’s newest class of the Bar Leadership Institute. That is a premier initiative of the Bar’s Diversity Department, headed up by I. Godwin Otu. Be sure to read our interview with Otu (his preferred moniker) in the June Arizona Attorney Magazine.

I’ll have information about both events in an upcoming story. But in the meantime, here are a few photos from the breakfast, generously sponsored and hosted by the Maricopa County Bar Association (special thanks to MCBA Executive Director Allen Kimbrough!).

Have a great weekend, everyone!