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Hero = Lawyer-leader

10 days left to locate a hero—or a leader—among your circle of attorneys.

That’s a tall order, I know. But it’s what’s needed, right now, as the application deadline for the State Bar’s Leadership Institute is 10 days from today. The application period closes on Friday, June 17, 2016. The program and its benefits are described well here.

I described the current year’s graduates and the program here. The application process is a simple one. I’ve heard from lawyers who urged others to apply in past years, and they describe a great amount of satisfaction watching those attorneys grow and learn over the course of the year’s program.

As organizers describe:

“We’re looking for future leaders in the legal community to participate in the Bar Leadership Institute. Can you help? The BLI fosters the professional growth and enhances leadership skills of young attorneys. BLI graduates have gone on to serve our communities in a variety of ways, including leadership positions in local and affinity bar associations, appointment to the judiciary and serving in the state Legislature. It’s also a great CLE bargain—participants receive up to two years of CLE credit for just $250!”

“The BLI relies on referrals from community leaders such as yourselves, so please pass this information along to potential candidates. More information and the online application form are available here. The application deadline is June 17, 2016, so don’t wait! The State Bar of Arizona provides hotel accommodations and pays travel expenses for participants residing outside Maricopa County.”

If you or a potential applicant have questions or concerns, contact Elena Nethers at Elena.Nethers@staff.azbar.org.

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