Thomas Jefferson Center 1st Amendment container indiegogo

Combining art and the First Amendment may be a natural match. But making it mobile? That may ensure the amendment of first in people’s minds.

I just came across a new crowdfunding venture, and this one creates a mobile and democratic monument to the First Amendment.

That could be a worthy follow-up to the installation of Arizona’s Bill of Rights monument near the state Capitol. This new effort would put the monument in a shipping container, which could be re-sited at will. It also would allow and encourage input by passers-by, who could add their own messages to the structure.

Thomas Jefferson Center 1st Amendment container indiegogo logoYou can read more about the campaign here. And here is a video from the organizers.

Board members for this initiative include journalist Dahlia Lithwick and UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh.

There are 36 days left in the effort. And if you’ve never viewed a crowdfunding site, take a look. It’s a process that provides some payback—large or small—to funders.