A doughnut can be a Friday present for you or a friend on this national day of celebration (photo from the Tumblr of Bogart's Doughnuts).

A doughnut can be a Friday present for you or a friend on this national day of celebration (photo from the Tumblr of Bogart’s Doughnuts).

Today is National Doughnut Day—or, if you were born in a barn, National Donut Day.

The people who manage the national day of celebration have opted for “donut,” but they have an awesome website, so all is forgiven. Besides, anyone committed to the advancement and propagation of such a delicacy is a friend of mine.

I share three items on this sweet, sweet day:

First, here is a story detailing where you can obtain a celebratory free doughnut today. (Though I would recommend this only for doughnut amateurs or newbies; if you do not have the fire in the belly to pay for a quality morsel of fried dough, please do not clog the lines of committed doughnutophiles. We have needs.)

Also, note that in that previous news story, Jiffy Lube is handing out free doughnuts. If this appeals to you, please reexamine your life’s choices.

doughnut giphy 1

Second, if you are in the Phoenix area, get thee to Rollover Doughnuts to indulge. They are the people who bring us Short Leash Hot Dogs, so no more recommendation needs to be added. Go. Eat. Repeat.

Rollover Doughnuts logo

Third and finally, because my readers apparently like some legal content (even on Change of Venue Friday), here is a delightful video about a Minnesota lawyer who set aside her life in the law to open … a doughnut shop.

The video is from last year, so I worried I was sharing news of a long-gone, flash-in-the-frypan venture. But here’s the website for Bogart’s Doughnut Co., and you can read more about the vision of attorney Anne Rucker there.

And here is a story about Anne, written before she opened her brick-and-mortar building.

Anne Rucker, founder of Bogart's Doughnut Co.

Anne Rucker, founder of Bogart’s Doughnut Co.

I defy most anyone to look at the Bogart site, gaze into the faces of the shop’s talented staff, and read about the deliciousness created on a daily basis, and NOT muse for a moment on booking a flight to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport tout de suite. Me? I would arrive bearing my appetite and a willingness to start work ASAP.

Can’t travel? You can still follow Bogart’s on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

And though the world may enjoy throwing brickbats at lawyers, we must appreciate that the legally trained Anne got the spelling of doughnut exactly right. Well, of course she did.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful—and occasionally indulgent—weekend.

Keep on rollin', doughnut love.

Keep on rollin’, doughnut love.