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As we head into the annual arts competition for Arizona Attorney Magazine, I hear from many lawyers who express “I wish I were as talented as an artist.”

Well, you never know until you try (I respond), but I understand how many folks are nervous about taking that leap.

The next month may provide you an opportunity to take a hop, if not a leap. A joint initiative of a small press and an art museum has put out a call for work. And what they seek are creative viewer responses to something (anything; your choice) in the Phoenix Art Museum.

The great publication is Four Chambers Press. And you can read all the details of the project here.

As you’ll see, the result of the initiative will be “to assemble a small collection of poetry and prose responding to exhibits and collections within the Phoenix Art Museum towards the release of a chapbook and a live performance during Art Detour on First Friday March 6, 2015.”

What if you can’t get to the museum in person? No problem; you can view its collection online (and then write and submit your piece online too).

Before you avert your arts-nervous gaze, read the whole set of guidelines. They include this gem:

“RESPONDING TO ART: As one of the goals of this project is to provide a formal space for collaboration between different art forms here in Phoenix (thereby increasing the cohesiveness in our city’s cultural scene, we might be looking for a new insight or avenue of meaning into the work at hand–an explication of the process behind it, an exploration of it’s social or cultural context, etc etc.”

That “etc etc” and the examples they offer mean that they are completely open to new ways of seeing and expressing. You can’t do it wrong, you won’t break anything by trying. And if your work is selected, it will be immortalized in a marvelous printed book.

Limits? They have a few: A poem cannot exceed 200 lines; prose should be no longer than 3,000 words. (And I suspect it would break no one’s heart if they were even briefer.)

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, February 1st at 11:59 PM MST. (Yes, they mean it.)

Come on; you got this! And as an added benefit, I may even submit something myself. When it’s all done, whether my piece gets in or not, I’ll share it with you.

Will you share back? See you at the museum.