Pluto's back? Some say yes it is a planet.

Pluto’s back? Some say yes it is a planet.

OK, so Pluto may not—yet—be considered a planet again. But some scientists who deal with the cosmos (cosmonauts? cosmeticians?) have raised the Pluto banner again, saying it is worthy of the “P” status.

I know, I thought we had come to consensus on that issue. But apparently what is gone has been revived.

Here is a news story on the topic. And then there’s this news story, which I think even asks you to answer their poll of whether you consider Pluto a part of the family of planets. (Experts that we are, I encourage you to weigh in. We’ve dumbed down the Earth; let’s dumb down the galaxy.)

But as we enjoy Change of Venue Friday, that feisty little space rock has given me renewed hope. No, I don’t care one way or another (and I’m gobsmacked by the passionate fight its advocates are waging). But if we’re not sure who is a planet, for goodness’ sake, we really don’t know much. And if Pluto can come back after being down for the count … well, we certainly can have a wonderful—and resilient—weekend.

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