psychic burnout emotional trauma and law practiceToday I am pleased to share a guest post written by an Arizona lawyer. Josh Blumenreich (see his bio after the post) was happy to write on a topic on which lawyers need educating: stress management.

We’ve covered the topic in Arizona Attorney Magazine, and it bears repeating that psychic stress will take a toll on hard-working professionals (or anyone).

Without further ado, here’s Josh:

Stress is a leading factor of several health issues, including heart ailments, weight gain or weight loss, anxiety, nervousness, and much more. Especially for those in strenuous fields of work, employees may find themselves constantly haunted by all-consuming levels of stress. This is particularly true for practicing lawyers. With strict deadlines, around-the-clock work, pressure to meet billable hours, competition amongst coworkers, and difficult or stubborn clients, the stress may feel never-ending … and that’s just the beginning.

Thus, it is essential for those in the legal industry to focus on stress management. This is key for a lawyer’s overall well-being, both personally and professionally. Below are some handy ideas and techniques that can help aid in one’s journey toward effectively handling stress:

    • Set priorities – The workload of a lawyer can become wholly overwhelming. The to-do list is constantly growing as tasks and responsibilities are thrown from left and right. Setting priorities helps determine which jobs need to get done first, enabling the individual to focus on one thing at a time (instead of trying to juggle multiple tasks at once).
    • Don’t forget to take breaks – During work hours, it is important to find 10 or 15 minutes every day to take a break from the job. Take a walk around the building, lie down in a cool room, or enjoy a cup of coffee. This will help clear the mind and add a change of pace to relieve stress.
    • Utilize apps – There are several beneficial apps for those in the legal field that aid as stress relievers. The iPad and iPhone provide various technological options for lawyers to help organize schedules as well as provide legal news, dictionary terms, juror information, and more.
Josh Blumenreich Arizona defense attorney

Josh Blumenreich

  • Separate work from home – This is essential for stress management. More often than not, lawyers tend to bring the tension and worry from work back home with them. It can be difficult to stop oneself from thinking about everything that needs to get done the next day when they are off the clock, but you must try to leave work-related thoughts at the office. Actively make home a place of sanity and relaxation.
  • Find an outlet – In order to relieve tension resulting from the law firm, one must find somewhere else to release the stress. Each outlet will vary from person to person. For instance, some people may want to find someone outside of work they can vent to, while others will prefer to either write in a journal, spend time working out, or join a club.

These methods are beneficial for controlling stress levels in order to maintain a healthy, focused and successful life both at the law firm and at home. While work is an undeniable part of your waking life, it should not negatively impact the well-being of any individual. Practicing lawyers need to ensure their personal stress management, as explained above. The legal world is demanding, but it should not demand the health of its employees.

About the Author: Josh Blumenreich is an Arizona defense attorney and, utilizing his educational and professional background, he offers his skills and years of experience to represent and defend his clients fairly. He works diligently to protect the rights of each individual’s case, whether it is a misdemeanor or felony. Blumenreich also provides legal representation for DUIs, theft, drug charges, murder, domestic violence, and more.