beam replicator cat on TV

Here’s what happens when you let engineers near the Interwebs: A beam replicator cat sees into your soul.

As you read this, I’ll be attending the annual conference of the ABA Litigation Section. Yes, it’s at the Phoenician Resort, so it’s not exactly digging ditches. But you and I still deserve an easy-squeezy Change of Venue Friday.

How about a video?

It comes to us from the folks at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Why am I looking at IEEE content?

I often find that the best ideas I can steal borrow for Arizona Attorney Magazine come from other industries. So I routinely plunge into the offerings of those in fields like hospital design, construction, high technology and more.

I recommend that approach for everyone, no matter what you do. It gets you off the homestead, and out amongst people who do things differently.

One thing that other magazines (with larger staffs – sigh) is able to pull off is great video content. And I suspect you’re going to enjoy this one. As the hilarious narration says in the video, “Hold onto your spinny chairs, people.”

Hilarious, right? And how brilliant to do that sideways-doorway thing. Trippy.

Be sure to see what else is going in the engineering world by going here.

Have a great—and well-engineered—weekend.