content marketing word cloudDo you enjoy predictions about the coming year? I have shared a few views of what to expect in law and practice areas in 2014. Today, I’m thinking about content marketing.

Not sure what that is? Here’s one definition:

“Content marketing is about consistently creating valuable and relevant branded content for a specific audience that keeps them engaged through all stages of the buying cycle in order to build trust, foster deeper relationships, and generate more leads.”

That definition was penned by writer Brent Gleeson. And it is the opening graf to his Forbes article on how to take content marketing to the next level.

Adding to the value, Gleeson’s article includes infographics. (And we all know how great those can be!)

If you’re not sure whether you or fellow lawyers are content marketers, I’d simply ask: Have you ever pointed folks toward anything you had written or created—maybe a magazine article or book chapter, or maybe a blog post or other online offering?

Assuming you’ve done that at least once, you may have been marketing content.

In the February issue of Arizona Attorney, we include a timely and insightful article on the topic by Joe Dysart. He cites to recent research on the importance of content marketing, and then he quotes Arizona attorneys for good measure. Read his complete article here.

As an attorney, if you’re still on the fence about the whole “M” word, read this article titled “Super Marketing Tips for Lawyers.” In the great suggestions offered, you’ll note that the number-one tip is content marketing; farther down the list is the suggestion to “recycle your writing.”

Boom. You’re a content marketer.

If you’re interested in more resources, download this white paper on social media, which includes ideas about putting your content to work for you.

And as always, a great way to get started is to get an article published in Arizona Attorney. Contact me anytime at to talk over some story ideas.