Tom Chandler, 1920-2013

Tom Chandler, 1920-2013

How should we cover the life and achievements of a terrific man and attorney? That’s my question for you today.

Last month, I reported on the passing of lawyer Tom Chandler. His contributions were broad and deep, and the state is a poorer place for his death.

But how do you best tell a man’s story? Thousands of Arizona folks had the chance to know Tom over his life and career. How do you boil that down into a piece that does him justice?

A few years ago, federal Judge Christina Reiss described her own experience in the office of Chandler. I’ve always enjoyed reading her story.

So I ask Arizona’s legal community what you would like to share about Tom Chandler. Not to be rude, but telling us he was a great man is not enough; we all know that. Instead, we’d like to hear your stories, funny, serious or in between. We’d like to publish anecdotes that are revealing and compelling.

Please consider your own experience with Tom and contact me at Feel free to share this request far and wide with others you think may have a story to offer.

Arizona Attorney Magazine would be privileged to help give some insight into legal leader Tom Chandler. (For some ideas, look back at our coverage of the passing of Arizona Justice Michael D. Ryan here, here and here.)