Hot and Not 2013 law practice areasHappy last day of 2013. What better day to offer some predictions of hot law practice areas?

That is what the talented Bob Denney has done, and I share his thoughts here.

You may recall that I did the same about a year ago. Because I did that, you can go back in time to see if he nailed it or missed a hot area. Read that post here.

For 2014, Bob spots a few very hot areas: energy, health care and regulatory (“particularly in health care, energy and financial services”).

You can read the complete article here.

To see his more surprising predictions, scroll down to his section titled “Other Trends and Issues.” That is where you’ll see his thoughts on non-lawyer competition, mergers, virtual law firms, hourly rates, lawyer training and more.

His overall take on the legal profession as we head into a new year?

“Much better than the pessimistic pundits are predicting. Between retirements and reduced hiring of law school graduates, the oversupply of lawyers will work its way down. But if you look at the total market for legal services and not just the number of lawyers, there will be further growth as new laws and regulations are passed and more non-lawyers and entities exist to provide them.”

I hope you enjoy his article as much as I did.

But now here’s my question: Where is the Arizona version of this article? Is there an Arizona attorney with her or his finger on the pulse of what’s happening who could offer insights as Bob does so well?

You’d better believe I’d like to hear from you. New Year’s Resolution: Promise to contact the Arizona Attorney Editor at to discuss story and blog post ideas. There’s a byline in it for you (and at least a coffee and good convo!).

Happy New Year; I’ll be back on Thursday.