trend spotting imageThis past week, I tried to catch up on the mini-avalanche of “new trends for a new year” blog posts that spring up as New Year’s approaches. I’ll share one today—regarding technology—and probably follow up with a few more general ones later.

Attorney at Work spoke with a few experts nationwide on what law practice technology is most noteworthy right now. Their experts each identified a key development as well as a favorite tool.

They are all worth reading, but the ever-educational Jim Calloway of the Oklahoma Bar pointed to a key development that involves law schools:

“A few law schools are starting to focus on teaching technology and innovation, from Professors Katz and Knake organizing ReInvent Law Laboratory at Michigan State to LoyolaLawTech to Prof. Bill Henderson at Indiana University giving a class assignment to profile legal disruption companies. We are going to see more new lawyers who ‘get it.’”

I’m sure local boosters would love to have seen some Arizona law schools included in his list. Do you know of local examples of law schools using technology in striking ways?

Meantime, I was struck when I compared the expert’s views with some of Arizona Attorney’s own “Visions From the Law Office,” which we published in our October 2013 issue. Read the views of Arizona lawyers here.