You think health insurance reform is hard? Try covering it in print.

You think health insurance reform is hard? Try covering it in print.

I decided I’d better mention our Arizona Attorney cover story before the facts (and law) change again.

Of course, I’m talking about our coverage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—Obamacare—which was a pretty brave move on our part, considering the shifting sands of politics.

Given the early deadlines demanded of article writers in print publications, I suppose I could offer an evolving list of changes that our article was unable to address. But I won’t do that today. Instead, I will simply acknowledge a big one:

Yes, we understand that has had problems. We’re aware that our article doesn’t mention it. We’re not blind and deaf (though if I were uninsured and having vision or hearing problems, Obamacare might do me better than the previous system. Just sayin’.)

So I urge you to read our great explanatory article alongside a daily newspaper, or maybe Twitter, so you can fold in all of the newest tweaks and developments to the Act.

And given the trouble the Act’s website has had, I also acknowledge how humorous our article’s caveat now appears:

“PPACA is a controversial, complicated and multifaceted collection of laws. This article, limited to PPACA’s shared responsibility of employers (‘Play or Pay’) and employees and individuals (‘Individual Mandate’), was prepared in September and October 2013. It is possible that some details or entire concepts in this article may have changed by the time of publication. Read this article simultaneously with the latest version of”

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Obamacare article in AzAt Dec 2013