State Bar of Arizona Lawyers on Call 11-7-13

Some news from my State Bar of Arizona colleague Alberto Rodriguez:

The State Bar of Arizona and 12 News hosted the November Lawyers on Call on Thursday, November 7. The topic of the public service program that evening was family law.

The following lawyers, some first-time volunteers, offered their time and experience for the consumer call-in program:

  • Jennifer Brown
  • Mark Candioto
  • Craig Cherney
  • David Enevoldsen
  • Larry G. Haddy
  • Ryan Hardy
  • Heidi Lukaskik
  • Jennifer Moshier

State Bar of Arizona logoThey answered an impressive 146 calls on divorce, child support and paternity issues. An additional nine consumers were assisted via social media.

Sample of consumer questions:

  • How can I get child support modified?
  • How do I resolve parenting time conflicts?
  • How do I prove paternity?
  • How can I terminate father’s/parenting rights?
  • What are my rights as a grandparent?
  • What is the difference between a legal separation and divorce?
  • Who pays for medical expenses after a divorce?
  • How do I qualify for spousal maintenance?

The 12 News team was again successful in adding a social media component to the phone bank. Consumers could ask their questions via the 12 News Facebook page, and attorney Jennifer Brown responded with her recommendations and legal advice.