KeepCalmReportPhishingThe following news arrives via John Phelps, the State Bar of Arizona CEO/Executive Director. He writes on a topic that should be of great interest to most all lawyers: scams aimed at those in the legal profession. Such efforts have been around for quite awhile, but as John writes, “This latest twist is just another reminder that you have to be constantly vigilant with your
business practices

Here’s John opening on the topic:

We want to warn you about a phishing scam that is directed at lawyers. The latest twist is that the scam email is mentioning IOLTA accounts. The email implies that the account doesn’t have enough money to pay an outstanding check. It then asks for the attorney to contact the sender to clear up the matter.

Scammers are always looking for new ways to find victims. They’re hoping that by creating confusion, you’ll provide them with information they can use to access your account and steal your money. Always take a moment to read the email carefully. If it claims you have an outstanding problem, contact your own banking institution. If you do contact the sender, do not give them any account information.

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