National Pro Bono Celebration Week 2013 logoNational Pro Bono Week occurs next week. And it’s not too late to share your story or event.

The recognition of attorney pro bono runs from October 20 to October 26.

Read more about the Fourth Annual National Pro Bono Celebration here.

In years past, I’ve been pleased to write about local pro bono events. To get an idea of what’s going on next week, click here.

If you focus in on the interactive map, you’ll see that a sum total of two Arizona events are posted. Well, we all know that’s not right. Feel free to add your own event here.

And if you’d like me to spill a little ink about what’s going on in pro bono at your firm, courthouse or law office, write to me at I’ll be happy to get your word out next week (when the ABA is happy to re-share success stories nationally).

There you go. Short and sweet, just like a Monday should be.