We're sprouting bollards today. Here's a mushroom one in Belgium (Wikipedia)

We’re sprouting bollards today. Here’s a mushroom one in Belgium (Wikipedia)

When I received an email this week from the State Bar of Arizona CEO and glanced at the subject line, my first thought was: I must have really irked him.

After all, my speedy glimpse revealed what I thought was a British obscenity. Upon closer examination, though, I could read it accurately: “Bollards”

Whew. Not an Anglo–Saxon expletive, after all.

Once I got past my concern about the subject line and read John Phelps’ email, I realized that he was informing State Bar staff about the installation of new short vertical posts, placed outside the building’s front doors as security devices.

US Capitol security

Safe and sound? Warm and fuzzy?

John took the moment to make it more than a construction update. He informed us why they were appearing (no specific concerns, but let’s be safe out there). And then, because he knows how much some of us enjoy the oddities of life, he included the link to the Wikipedia page on bollards.

Yes, there is one. And yes, you should click it. (That’s where I got a few nifty bollard photos, natch).

So John’s email was helpful, but I still was concerned. Would we step outside and see yellow pylons, a la Safeway or Costco? Or, even worse, had the charming entrance been transformed into a Benghazi streetscape (or a tourist’s modern-day view of the U.S. Capitol)?

Imagine my pleasure at seeing the result. The bollards complement the building and surrounding planters nicely. Security appropriate to its surroundings—well done!

Bollard state bar

Bar bollards bloom

Immediately after snapping this shot, I was able to get confirmation that the good taste of Bar deciders is not universal. Twenty minutes later, I was at the downtown Phoenix Police station for a meeting, where I strode up to the brutalist architecture (which undoes any good done by the officers’ community policing).

Phoenix Police Department HQ

Phoenix Police Department headquarters

There, I spotted the alternative to the Bar’s approach: the police bollards.

Bollard phoenix police

Bollards protect and serve up some hurt

Yikes. They were what I had feared. Fierce and menacing, they ensure a visitor does not feel welcome. (And before you say “unfair,” the ones at the front of the building are pretty grim, too.)

Well done, State Bar.

Back to the Wikipedia page.

A big fan of tugboats, I was pleased to see the entry’s nautical bent. Here are a few more bollards that add quirkiness to function.

bollard Victoria Canada

Well-dressed bollards in Victoria, B.C.

And for those of you whose hopes were raised upon mention of the British expletive, I offer a Change of Venue Friday video: a banned VW ad that prominently features the word “bollocks.”

Let’s see if that irks John.

Have a great weekend.