Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

State Bar of Arizona Board officers 2013-2014

State Bar of Arizona Board officers 2013-2014: L to R: Lisa Loo, Richard T. Platt, Whitney Cunningham, Bryan Chambers, Alex Vakula

At its regular annual meeting at the State Bar Convention this afternoon, the State Bar of Arizona Board of Governors confirmed its slate of officers for the coming year. The new roster includes the newest officer, Secretary/Treasurer Alex Vakula, elected today: 

  • President: Whitney Cunningham
  • President-Elect: Richard T. Platt
  • First Vice President: Bryan B. Chambers
  • Second Vice President: Lisa Loo
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Alex Vakula

Following board bylaws, the new slate of officers assume their positions at the close of the annual meeting.

State Bar of Arizona Board of Governors 2013-14

State Bar of Arizona Board of Governors 2013-14

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Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa 1

Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa, site of the annual State Bar of Arizona Convention, June 19-21, 2013.

This is annual Convention week at the State Bar of Arizona. As always, a dizzying array of educational seminars (and fun activities) are packed into the three-day event held in Phoenix at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa.

More detail about the Convention is here.

Over the years, Arizona Attorney Magazine staff have covered the heck out of the annual event, and this year will be the same. In a later post, I’ll detail some of the tools I lug about to do just that.

As in the past, we will not print a once-a-day hard-copy “Convention Daily.” Instead, we will cover Convention news closer to real time. We will use multiple channels to communicate what’s going on. But the surest way to be sure you see everything is to follow us on Twitter. My name in Twitter is @azatty. You can view all the evolving content here (or at https://twitter.com/azatty, to be specific). I will be tagging everything with the hashtag #azbarcon – so be sure to search for that.

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Questions or suggestions? Reach the Editor, Tim Eigo, on-site at the Biltmore, at 602-908-6991.

And always feel free to stroll up and say hello. I’ll be hiking all over the Biltmore to cover the goings-on. Or you may catch me at the Arizona Attorney table in the Exhibitor area. If you miss me there, leave your card or a note.