water war desertHappy anniversary, Arizona v. California.

Even if you never took a course called “Water Law,” you may recognize that court case as one of the most significant in the nation’s history. Or at least in Arizona’s history.

Today is the 50th birthday of a case that settled a battle between states over water rights and allocations that flowed from two major rivers.

You may have missed it, so I commend to you a terrific examination of the court case’s significance, as written by University of Arizona Professor Robert Glennon. He penned the piece for the Arizona Republic, and I particularly enjoyed the shout-out he gave to Arizona Attorney:

“Last year, Arizona Attorney magazine dubbed the case the most important judicial decision in the state’s history.”

UA Law Professor Robert GlennonWell, that we did. And now Republic readers know it too.

And for some confirmation that water battles are not a thing of the past, here is a story from the Yuma Sun from just last week. It describes the challenges we face as water shortages grow more acute (the article was part of a worth-reading series).

Here is Robert Glennon’s opening on Arizona v. California:

“Arizona will celebrate the 50th anniversary on June 3 of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Arizona vs. California, a decades-long feud with California over water from the Colorado and Gila rivers.”

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