Is a Yale law Ph.D. in your future?

Is a Yale law Ph.D. in your future?

What better way to start out a Monday morning than by asking yourself the soul-searching question:

Why not get a law Ph.D.? That’s right: Rather than rely just on the run-of-the-mill juris doctorate, how about the real doc thing?

Since I came across the Wall Street Journal opinion piece a month ago, my response has moved from hilarity to head-scratching—so maybe education works.

The title grabs you right away: “To Reduce Lawyers’ Drag on Growth, How About a Law Ph.D.?”

Ouch! Drag on growth? Here’s how the authors, Brookings Institution fellows, explain their dis of the typical lawyer:

“A crisis is a terrible thing to waste, so the saying goes. So is a mind—a keen scholarly legal mind. Fewer students seem to be interested in entering law school as can be seen by the 50% decline in applications. But the crisis in legal education may have a silver lining: as most law schools are cutting their student enrollments, Chicago, Vanderbilt, and Yale law schools are attracting students to new legal doctoral programs. Despite what one might think, PhD lawyers could be a good thing for the economy: they will be trained to produce research that could help eliminate costly inefficiencies caused by public policies—ironically, especially those that increase the demand for lawyers. Indeed, if economics research is correct that an economy’s growth slows as more lawyers comprise its workforce, then the payoff from such research could be substantial.”

Keep reading here. And let me know: Have you ever gotten bit by the doctoral bug? What field  would you pursue? And are you ready to cease being a drag on the economy?!