chocolate gavel and Scales_of_Justice Valentine

Justice has never been so sweet.

Short and o so sweet today, just to remind you that it is Valentine’s Day, and to be sure to love the one you’re with. And if that someone is a lawyer, here are a few messages that may help you on the path to legalistic bliss.

First, head over to the occasionally cheeky Washington State Bar Association “Sidebar.” There, you will spy a few ideas that may put you in the canoodling mood.

OK, perhaps the object of your affections can resist your offer of a chocolate gavel, or collar stays etched with sweet nothings.

If their resistance is firm, then snark may win the day. At least, that’s how it works with journalists. I hope you enjoy some of the humorous paths to the heart as crafted by reporters and editors. (Yes, one of them says, “You’ve scooped my heart.” Don’t judge.)

editor Valentine wish
Enjoy your evening. Here’s hoping you decide to sleep in on Friday.