Have you paid your annual bar dues yet?

Easy, easy: I’m not getting all judgmental on you; in fact, I haven’t paid mine yet either. But it occurs to me we all could use a reminder.

Every January since I first started paying bar dues in California, back in 1993, I’ve had this awful sensation that I would forget to pay those dues, which would subject me to the penalties that only the bar could inflict. And now in 2013, I continue to have the same worry, and so I have my “system” to be sure I don’t forget

  • I place numerous reminders in my electronic calendars.
  • I do the same on a few hard-copy calendars.
  • I often tack a copy of my dues statement to my office wall.
  • Finally, I set my dues-announcement envelope in a conspicuous place—usually dead-center on my desk. (See photo below for the current placement.)

State Bar dues notice 2013

I admit it: There is something rather neurotic about opting to ignore the easiest and most fool-proof of techniques, namely: Just pay the damned thing the day it arrives

Hmmm. Well, as long as I’m stretched out on your couch, I guess I’d admit that it would annoy me to pay the dues amount too early, when it arrives in December. Why send in the fee before I need to?—even though the amount merely sits in my non-interest-bearing checking account, accruing nothing in that month of nonpayment. 

Just stubborn, I guess. 

But that’s why I—and maybe you—need the reminders. In Arizona too, bar dues are due on or before February 1. And the State Bar of Arizona has a pretty handy set of resources to make sure you remember to pay, and to answer any questions you might have. 

So whether you’re paying today or January 31 (not recommended), bookmark this page. It is your portal to useful information. And when you log in as an Arizona Bar member, you can handle tasks like checking your address and paying your dues quite easily.

On that page you’ll also see a link to detailed instructions, some FAQs, membership categories and deadlines, and an easy change of address page.

I assure you: That approach far surpasses my own of staring balefully at a window envelope sitting in dominion on my desk for 60 days.