expert definitionHave you ever had difficulty finding just the right expert to help with your legal case or matter?

Through the years, I’ve heard that from many lawyers. What they need is brains, experience and communications skills, written and oral. That whole package is harder to come by than you might think.

In the spring, we’ll publish our annual Expert Witness Guide in Arizona Attorney Magazine. That guide covers a wealth of subject-matter areas and includes a huge swath of the legal experts prepared to help Arizona lawyers.

You should bookmark our 2012 Expert Witness Guide here.

While you’re at it, what is new with you in the world of experts? What article would you rip out and save on the topic if we ran it in the magazine?

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The opening to the 2012 Arizona Attorney Expert Witness Guide

The opening to the 2012 Arizona Attorney Expert Witness Guide

And here is another great piece to bookmark. It is extremely well done, by experts Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch. Though it lacks a link to Arizona’s own best expert guide (only kidding, Carole and Mark), it does cover extremely well the topic of Finding Experts and Verifying Their Credentials on the Web.”

Here is how they open their article:

“When you’re in need of an expert to serve as a witness in your case, to consult on a special matter, or perhaps even to serve as a speaker at your bar seminar, where do you look? Your first instinct may be to use a search engine, or to search a social networking site like LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+. But there are other, deeper places on the Web to find that one right expert you truly need.”

They follow that strong opening with an article you really need to read. Within it are many links that take you to material that could help your practice, today.

I was pleased to learn quite a bit in the article, which appears in the highly bookmarkable Attorney at Work. If that piece gives you any ideas of topics or niches we should cover in Arizona Attorney, be sure to drop me a note.