Happy Change of Venue Friday!

Today, I’ll share an article and ask you a question. First, the article.

A new story called “The Social Media Evolution” was published recently, and it got me to thinking about law practice. It was written by Dan Kittay and published in Bar Leader, an American Bar Association magazine.

In it, Dan quoted many Bar communications folks (including me) to take their temperature on how we all choose among the many social media channels. What’s right for you, Dan asked, and for your bar association? How do you fit that part of communications into your work day?

The answers were varied, as you might guess. My responses were pretty favorable toward social media and what it can do for us (and for any business). I’ve found this multi-year experiment to be an interactive one with readers, and I’ve gotten many great story pitches and leads out of it.

The complete article is here. And here’s how Dan opens it:

“Judging by some of the specialized programming on social media at recent National Association of Bar Executives events, there seems to be a growing consensus within the bar association community that Facebook, Twitter, and the like have a place within a bar’s arsenal of member/public outreach tools.”

“But there are also differences in how much attention bars think they should devote to the various social media platforms, both in how often to update content, and how much staff time to devote to the whole process. And when it comes to adopting newer platforms, opinions vary widely.”

Now, here is my question for you on this Friday morning: What channels are you using via social media? A list is all I ask for (though commentary is always welcome). And the list doesn’t have to distinguish between word sites and personal-enjoyment sites; I’m really just curious about where you spend time online. Write to me at arizona.attorney@azbar.org, or post your response below.

After that, have a fun (and largely device-free) weekend!