Arizona Law logoA short note this morning to alert all you Tucson colleagues: I will be presenting at the University of Arizona Law School at 12:15 today. And there’s food.

My topic is how Arizona Attorney Magazine covers criminal law and policy. The invite came from a student group that focuses on such topics.

You can read more about the presentation here.

When I first was invited, I hesitated. But once I plunged in and gathered information, I was heartened to see how much criminal law coverage we’ve published over the years. Yes yes, we can always do more. But I was pleased in looking back that on some of the most challenging policy issues of the day, we have been in the fray.

One of my day’s goals will be to persuade at least a few of the students to consider writing on crim law and policy for Arizona Attorney. I may even chat about the notion of a magazine “Law School Bureau.”

I’m told pizza will be served during my talk (but let the hard-working students eat first, OK?). And, surprise of surprises, CLE credit may be available (I’ll strive to be educational).

I hope to see you there.