National Pro Bono Celebration logo 2012It’s an annual pleasure to share the news about national Pro Bono Week. It is celebrated this year from October 21 to October 27.

In recent years, I’ve written about local pro bono events (for examples, see here, here and here). To get an idea of what’s going on this week, click here.

(Do you want to pass on some pro bono good news from you or your law office? Contact me at and I may get it posted this week.)

When you click the link to the National Pro Bono Celebration, you’ll see that a few of those events are hosted by Community Legal Services. Among other good news, they happen to be celebrating an anniversary this year. We were pleased to share in that celebration by publishing an article on the topic in Arizona Attorney Magazine. You can read it here.

To add to the festivities, this week there will be an event honoring CLS and its six decades of accomplishment. I hope to see you there.

Community Legal Services 60-year anniversary article in Arizona Attorney Magazine