Hear ye, hear ye!

Doesn’t your mind hear that every time you see the word “proclamation”? OK, maybe it’s just me.

Today, I remind you that October 18, 2012, is National Mediation Day. As in many U.S. states and cities, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton has declared this week (October 14-20) “Mediation Week.” The week’s theme: “Mediation in the Mainstream.”

In so doing, he issued a proclamation (there’s that word again). Among other things, it recognizes the increased use of and value in alternative conflict resolution. Here is a copy of the proclamation:

2012 Mediation Week Proclamation 

Meanwhile, the American Bar Association declared the third week of October “ABA Mediation Week” (well branded, sir).

I covered local events last year; you can read about them here. It bears noting that getting a proclamation proclaimed does not occur without great effort. Congratulations to those Arizona attorneys who value mediation enough to seek to spread the word locally, in the state and nationally. Special plaudits go to those members of the State Bar of Arizona Alternative Dispute Resolution Section, especially Sherman Fogel and David Tierney. Congratulations!