Tonight—TONIGHT, y’understand!—a troupe of lawyers will try to make you laugh. On purpose, rather than the other by-accident kind of way.

At a downtown Phoenix comedy club, the lawyers of Comedians at Law will aim to find the humor in your legal life, your livelihood, and everything you may hold dear. And there’ll be drinks. Here is a description from their publicity material:

“In 2011 six attorneys with backgrounds in government, politics, private practice and business got together to form a business that relied on their collective expertise. But when Strippers-At-Law was a miserable failure they realized, fortunately, that they were also all stand-up comedians. With that realization, Comedians at Law was born. C-section.  Because six grown men would have been a very difficult natural birth.

(click for larger version)

“Combining their diverse and intelligent brand of humor with a desperate desire not to practice law, Comedians at Law has travelled the country entertaining law schools, comedy clubs and anywhere else with someone willing to cut a check towards six sets of student loans. 

“The group’s six members represent a cross section of law and comedy, but what they all share in common is an unbreakable bond of having disappointed all of their parents. Members of Comedians at Law have appeared on CBS, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Fox and CNN.”

More information and tickets are here.

And here is the troupe’s own website (and yes, they’ve got merch they want to move). They’re even on Facebook and Twitter.

I’m pleased to see some attorney comics on the scene. It was just last fall that the inaugural John J. O’Connor Humor Competition was launched (read about it here). And according to tweets from Comedians at Law, one of that event’s comics—Phoenix School of Law student Matt Storrs—will share a mike for part of tonight’s show.

Curious how to get there? Here’s a map:

I leave to you, dear reader, to determine whether it is truly “comedy so good it should be illegal.” But I did feel waves of familiarity wash over me when I read their tagline: “Bad at Law. Good at Comedy.”

If you go, let me know if you agree.