Let’s get right to it: I come to you, hat in hand. For those who don’t know that expression, let me explain.

It’s that time of year again when the ABA Journal seeks input on the best legal blogs in the United States. Their list from last year is here, and it includes some top-notch content, in a wide variety of practice areas (or in no practice area at all).

So my awkward moment comes down to this: If any reader wants to submit a brief “amici” (recommendation) in support of this blog, AZ Attorney, I would appreciate it. No pressure: The Journal’s editors make their own determination, and the amici are not counted like “votes,” so the brief submission form is just a way to bring a blog to their attention. No need to get mushy or wax poetic; a few kind words would do. (And no, Kathy, thanks, but spouses cannot nominate their partners!)

I have nominated other blogs myself (because that’s the kind of guy I am), and I can assure you that the process takes about 3 minutes.

The submission form is here. The deadline is this Friday, September 7. (Would it help if I mentioned that’s the day before my birthday? Hmm?)

And even if you don’t nominate this blog, you should consider nominating another of your own favorite legal blogs. Take a look at our rotating roster of bloggers in the Arizona Attorney Blog Network, available at our News Center. And the ABA Journal keeps its own extensive list here; look around and recommend a great blogger or two; they’d appreciate it.