Today, because I am still seeking great story ideas for 2013, I share my editor’s column from the July/August Arizona Attorney. Contact me with ideas—or most anything—at

Ever wonder what most interests magazine folks? Here it is: What’s next.

Even here, in the land of articles written on paper (paper!), we seek to examine what’s around the bend, not just what’s already occurred.

The reason for that is simple: What has happened in the law is certainly worthy of analysis. But what’s coming tomorrow, next week and next year may wreak havoc or happiness in your law practice and legal career. A firm and clear focus on the future is what your work life needs.

I’m thinking on that topic as I ponder two magazine initiatives.

The first is our annual Editorial Calendar, which I’ll construct in the next month. That “roadmap” sets us on a trajectory, but it is valuable only insofar as it gives you useful insight and actionable news.

I invite you to share with us your thoughts for upcoming story ideas. Tell us what legal topics you believe we should cover in 2013. They may be broad or specific, profile ideas or trend stories. They may be about a particular case or law, or about a new practice area.

Write me at

In case you were wondering what we’re about, here is our mission statement, which I keep in mind as I think on the magazine’s content: 

  • Arizona Attorney helps our readers do their job better—more efficiently and profitably—through editorial content that is analytical and topical.
  • Arizona Attorney is a practical resource and a valuable tool for Arizona lawyers on matters related to their practice, the justice system, the regulation of the legal profession and the improvement of the quality of legal services.
  • Arizona Attorney strives to be the number-one source of legal news and information and the best forum for Arizona lawyers.
  • Our content sparks stimulating discussion through the presentation of challenging and thoughtful ideas.
  • We take an active role in creating a community in which lawyers can better connect with each other.

Our focus on the future may be best achieved by conversing with people who are inhabiting it. Lacking a time-machine, that takes me to our second initiative—our aim to create a “law school bureau.”

We are having conversations with Arizona law students and law schools right now. Our goal is to collaborate on articles that are forward-looking and that serve practicing lawyers as well as law students. The result may occasionally be a story about a new endeavor at one of the schools. More often, we expect the articles to be about the wider legal community.

Whether you’re a new lawyer or an experienced one, I welcome your ideas on that and all our initiatives.