I recently described a national award that the Florence Project won. The legal services organization was recognized for its commitment to justice and its creation of valuable pro se materials.

The award, along with a $50,000 check, was given by the American College of Trial Lawyers.

Lindsay Marshall, Florence Project Executive Director, receives the award check from Thomas H. Tongue, President of the American College of Trial Lawyers, August 14, 2012.

On Tuesday, I took a drive down to Florence to attend the award event. It reminded me once again how fortunate Arizona is to have such dedicated individuals who daily commit to justice.

(Because the law world is so fascinating, I can’t help but share one oddity in the proceedings. A distinguished Fellow of the ACTL was speaking at the event, and he was emphasizing to the audience how impressive the achievement of the Florence Project staff and board was. He pointed out that it would be formally announced at the annual meeting of the ACTL. There, in a huge Manhattan banquet room, the Project would be described to hundreds of “trial lawyers and their wives.” Their wives? Did he just say “their wives,” as if women are not trial lawyers? Indeed, he did. But his genuine affinity for the Project and its mission—as well as the check he bore—guaranteed that bygones would be bygones.)

In an upcoming issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine, I’ll tell a little more about the day’s events (you can go directly to that page by clicking here). But in the meantime, you can see one photo above. More are available here on the Arizona Attorney Facebook page.