Happy Change of Venue Friday. Today, in an effort to help out the staff at Arizona Attorney Magazine, I have just a few short questions for you: 

  • What content that law students could provide might most interest you?
  • What stories—for example, the economy, job seeking—might appeal to both practicing lawyers and to law students?

The reason I ask is that I am in conversation with the Arizona law schools about creating a new relationship between the schools and the magazine—something I’d call a “law school bureau.”

Here is how I described it in my July/August Editor’s column

“Our focus on the future may be best achieved by conversing with people who are inhabiting it. Lacking a time-machine, that takes me to [a new] initiative—our aim to create a ‘law school bureau.’

“We are having conversations with Arizona law students and law schools right now. Our goal is to collaborate on articles that are forward-looking and that serve practicing lawyers as well as law students. The result may occasionally be a story about a new endeavor at one of the schools. More often, we expect the articles to be about the wider legal community. Whether you’re a new lawyer or an experienced one, I welcome your ideas on that and all our initiatives.”

So: What do you think of a law school bureau? Could it provide us great content that also would benefit Arizona lawyers?

Have a great weekend.