Olympics london2012_logoWho else is following the Olympics this year? I always enjoy the athletics and the spectacle, and this year is no exception (though NBC’s lackluster coverage of it, as well as the incessant blathering during feats of physical prowess, may change my attitude).

The London Games put me in mind of a story we ran some years ago in Arizona Attorney. Back in 2003, we decided to focus on lawyer–athletes. In case you don’t recall it yourself, you can read it here.

This week, the Business Insider takes a similar tack by publishing some content you may enjoy. Their writers performed some legwork to create a roster of lawyers who used to be Olympic athletes.

Here is the complete story. Flip through the list and let me know if you spot anyone you know.

Our April 2003 cover

And is there a close connection between lawyers and a competitive spirit? Do those at the Bar exhibit the drive, tenacity and preparation needed to excel on playing fields?

That’s what writer Lauren Streib thought, as she opened her article:

“Tirelessness, determination and a competitive streak may define Olympic athletes, but those are also the characteristics of talented litigators and lawyers.”

If you look at our 2003 story, you’ll note that the Business Insider story didn’t get all the lawyer–Olympians. Congratulations, of course, to today’s Olympians—but we also tip our hat to those who have gone before.

I couldn’t resist including the mascots for the 2012 British Olympics.