Mobile lawyer stories welcome here.

Should your lawyer app be here?

That’s the idea, anyway, for some upcoming articles we’re seeking for Arizona Attorney Magazine. This fall, we’d like to run content on:

  • Mobile lawyering
  • Lawyer and law firm apps

Is your practice improved by these tools? Have you had law practice success due to developing new mobile skills? Or has your firm developed an app that’s altered how you do business?

Contact me with your thoughts on app success (or its opposite). Write me at

Do you have a great story to tell but no time to tell it yourself? Contact me. Let’s talk. We may agree that the magazine should write a story about your topic, all without your lifting a finger (to type or even text).

And on a broader scale, we’d appreciate your thoughts on:

  • The role of apps in law practice
  • Ethical pitfalls to avoid in a mobile practice
  • How mobile tools have leveled the playing field between big firms and everyone else

See? So much to cover. Call, text or post; I’d love to talk with you.