I wrote on Monday about a New York Times op-ed written by Dean Frank Wu of the Univ. of California, Hastings College of Law. But on Change of Venue Friday I wanted to add a postscript that says more about social media than it does about the historic Vincent Chin case.

I was struck by the op-ed, but I was also struck by a strange social media coincidence. (Prepare for a meandering sidebar.) To understand it, you’ll have to bear with me and a brief history lesson.

UC Hastings has long been proud of something called the 1066 Foundation. It provides funding to bring on stellar faculty from around the country, some of whom may have been precluded from continued teaching at their top-ranked schools due to mandatory retirement. And the 1066? It emanates from the famous Battle of Hastings in that same year (witty, huh?)

The oddity arose when I noticed that Dean Wu’s NYT op-ed was tweeted by Hastings on the same day I happened to have 1,066 Twitter followers. I “favorited” the tweet, so you can see a screen shot of the confluence.

And speaking of Twitter realities, below is a shot the day I hit 1,000 followers. I agree that’s pretty random, but I was struck by the tweets at the top of my stream when I noticed I had reached that milestone in mid-April: A hilarious post by comic Jim Gaffigan, a thoughtful post by LexBlog CEO Kevin O’Keefe, and a determined-at-all-costs-to-appear-normal post by an Arizona legislator who had just been forced to resign from the Assembly amidst a criminal and ethical scandal. All in all, that demonstrates pretty well the chaotic creativity available in Twitter!

So in honor of Twitter mashups and today’s Social Media Day celebration (which I wrote about yesterday), send a tweet or write a blog post. It’ll make you feel better.

Have a great weekend.