Happy Change of Venue Friday.

I have mentioned this comedy gig to you a few times. An impressive lineup of comics is slated to perform this Sunday at Phoenix Symphony Hall, all to benefit a Bill of Rights Monument.

Step up, I told you. Play your part, I said. Buy a ticket, I urged.

So this past week, I finally got around to purchasing a few tickets for myself (no, you cynics, no free tickets come our way for stories we covered in Arizona Attorney Magazine; we’re not that kind of publication!). And to my surprise, I was to be located in the second-to-last row.

(I then engaged the Ticketmaster-bot in a game of cat and mouse, over and over, until I managed to move forward—about three rows. Definitely worth my time!)

So it would appear that tickets are selling and people have gotten the message. And no, not just from me. There’s this little publication called the Arizona Republic that’s spilled some ink on behalf of the concert. You can read a recent piece here.

Here’s one last chance to buy a ticket. You may be willing to spend a few more bucks than I was, so your seating results may vary. But click, buy, and laugh. See you on Sunday.

Laugh along with Tom and all the Founding Fathers (on Mother’s Day!)