If you’re feeling the need to laugh (and who isn’t), a comedy concert may be just the ticket.

I’ve written before about the Phoenix Comedy Festival that is slated as a fundraiser for a first-in-the-nation Bill of Rights Monument. But today’s about the comedy, not the limestone slabs.

So before you do anything else, you may want to click here to purchase Comedy Festival tickets.

If you read my story on the Monument in the May Arizona Attorney Magazine (here’s hoping), then you may have been troubled that the link didn’t work. Apparently, Ticketmaster changed things around, or something. But none of that matters now, because you have the correct link. (See what I did there; I put the link in AGAIN, so you couldn’t miss it.)

And while you’re at it, I’ve learned that there is a more direct way to get to the page where you can donate for the Monument (and even specify the amendment you most support!). That link is here, on the MyBillofRights website.

So here’s hoping I see you on May 13. That is also Mother’s Day, so either we’re bringing our moms, or we have a lot of explaining to do. So while you’re at it, maybe you should buy two tickets. (It’s the least we can do for the hardest-working Bill of Rights ever!)

And because I like to support good writing (and not just limestone monoliths), here is an Arizona Republic column on the topic by E.J. Montini. Funny, funny stuff.

Let’s get laughing. It’s the patriotic thing to do.