Photographer Karen Shell captures our arts winners. March 5, 2012, Tempe Center for the Arts.

This week, the May issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine reaches readers. In it, we honor creativity in the arts.

The winners of our annual Creative Arts Competition deserve every bit of the praise they receive. In an upcoming post, I will share some of their unique work.

Today, I honor their patience. Patience, you ask?

Well, yes. Because on March 5, they participated in a photo shoot at the Tempe Center for the Arts. If you’ve never been at such an event, you may think it’s all beautiful settings and delicious canapés.

Hold it. We did have those things.

What I meant to say was, It’s not just a beautiful setting and delicious canapés. It’s also a lot of work—hours’ worth. Add to that the fact that no one really likes to get their photo taken, especially if you’re not a professional model, and the fact that we do not show the arts winners their photos for approval. Well, you get the idea. It can be nerve-wracking.

Congratulations and thanks to all our winners: Allison Quattrocchi, Joel Sannes, Jose Robles, Doug Christian, Keith Lyman, Julie Pace, Russell Kolsrud and Rex M. Anderson.

Thank you also to the professional photographer with whom we partnered again. Karen Shell is detail-oriented, artistic and cool under pressure. That is everything you could want on a photo shoot.

You can read more about Karen and her work here.

Thank you also to our terrific magazine Art Director, Karen Holub. Once again, she organized and directed the shoot masterfully. Her attention to detail and her vision always ensure we get just what we need.

Below are a few of my behind-the-scenes photos. The complete set is on the magazine’s Facebook page.

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