Heavy stones being moved by a forklift may be about as distant from law practice as you can get. But on this Change of Venue Friday, I hope you agree that the heavy lifting is worth it.

I wrote before about a Bill of Rights Monument that will be erected on Bolin Plaza at the State Capitol. That effort will take fundraising, of course. And on that aspect, I’ll be posting another story from a noon press conference today (to get the breaking news, watch this page or follow me on Twitter at @azatty).

Beyond fundraising, this initiative requires … rock. Specifically, limestone.

Therefore, here are a few photos of the limestone as it was delivered to the sculptor’s studio in Austin on Tuesday, Feb. 28: ten blocks of limestone weighing 44,000 pounds. Each block will be transformed into a representation of one of the original 10 constitutional amendments, to be installed in Phoenix next December.

The forklift driver is none other than the sculptor himself, Joseph Kincannon. He spent 15 years at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York—where I bet they never let him drive the heavy machinery himself!

To add to the unique aspect of this entire venture, here is a photo of something you don’t see every day: State legislators as (let’s call it) diversely ideologically committed as former Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and Sen. Karen Johnson joining together on a project (they were the co-sponsors who signed on first to get the monument onto the plaza). They flank MyBillofRights.org executive director Chris Bliss.

See you in a few hours.

L to R: Sen. Karen Johnson, Chris Bliss, former Sen. Kyrsten Sinema