We all have heard the message more than once that social media is becoming essential for lawyers and law practice. But do we believe it?

How many lawyers (show of hands) participate in social media beyond some Facebook convos with their high school buddies? How many think that social media may be of some utility in certain other practice areas, but certainly not in theirs?

The April issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine will have some content regarding social media—in regard to employment issues for your clients and in regard to why you should be blogging yourself. But then I looked over at LinkedIn.

You know LinkedIn, that most buttoned-down and business-oriented of all the social media—the place where even the most traditional lawyer should feel at home. This ain’t Tumblr (which I like too; follow me here). And on LinkedIn, I specifically looked at the State Bar of Arizona’s page.

Yes, the State Bar has a LinkedIn page, where there is the occasional great Q&A string. But so far, not many Arizona lawyers have availed themselves of the community offered. Have you?

My inquiry about lawyers and social media is fueled not just by the only-moderate response to the Bar’s LinkedIn group. In addition, online last night I spotted an event that tells me we better get going on this social media thing. (And yes, I saw the event on Twitter.)

Up northwest at the Seattle University School of Law, a social media panel is occurring today, Wednesday, perhaps while you’re reading this blog. The teaser for the “Social Media Panel” is a simple one: “Want To Know How Social Media Can Really Benefit Today’s Law Student and Lawyer? Attend This Event And Learn How LinkedIn Can Work For You!”

More information is here.

Kevin O'Keefe

The session will open with a one-hour session on maximizing the use of LinkedIn for career searches.

Hold up: One HOUR? I’ve never had any training on LinkedIn, and I suspect it has far more functionality than I could imagine. I am beginning to wish I were in Seattle.

Then the law students’ day continues with this: “A panel of local attorneys and entrepreneurs will discuss strategic ways to use social media in the legal profession and the impact of social media on the legal community.”

That panel will include Kevin O’Keefe, CEO and Publisher of LexBlog, Inc.

In case you don’t know, Kevin O’Keefe is the author of the great blog “Real Lawyers Have Blogs” (guess how he feels). It’s housed on his LexBlog Network (he’s the CEO). More about Kevin is here. And you can follow him on Twitter (@kevinokeefe).

So here we have a law school providing its students instruction and guidance on social media. Assuming the event is jammed, students are voting with their butts and their time on what direction they see law practice heading: the way of social media.

Would such a seminar be helpful to Arizona lawyers and law students? I think so. But what do you think? Shall we (or I) begin to explore the possibility?

Here’s how you can tell me: Start a new conversation on the Bar’s LinkedIn group. Or send me a tweet (@azatty). Or even post a comment below.

Inquiring—and social—minds want to know.