Richard Zorza

This past week, access-to-justice advocate Richard Zorza wrote a brief but compelling blog post. In it, he pointed readers to content regarding how courts may attain “high performance.” That content was found in an article by some great authors, including Minnesota state court Judge Kevin Burke.

(I wrote before about Richard Zorza here.)

As Zorza opened:

“One approach the National Center [for State Courts] has been taking to improve the functioning of courts nationally is to focus on overall strategies for achieving “high performance.”  There are seven such strategies, highlighted in an article by Judge Kevin Burke, Brian Ostrom and Roger Hansen.”

Zorza lists the seven strategies, a few of which immediately caught my eye:

  • Establish the Court’s Cultural Landscape
  • Abandon the Myth of the Lone Ranger

See the full list here.

Zorza kindly provides a PDF of the complete article here (which otherwise is behind a members-only wall).

And more on the National Association for Court Management is here.

Can you identify your own local or state court in these descriptions? Or do they fall short in one or more ways?