Yesterday, I had the pleasure to visit with a group of law school professors. I talked about Arizona Attorney Magazine—and not so subtly urged them to consider writing for us.

My appearance was at the invitation of Keith Swisher, a Phoenix School of Law Professor and a member of the magazine’s Editorial Board. He had slotted me in to a lunch & learn kind of spot—and I sure appreciate it.

Talking about the magazine is something I enjoy. Besides getting our word out, it also forces me to recommit to the goals set out in our mission statement. I mean, you can’t say them aloud numerous times if you don’t believe them (I mean, assuming you’re not a politician).

Here are a few photos I took as folks were sitting down.

Here, by the way, is that Mission Statement. As I told the assembled professors, the important thing to note is that every one of the bullets is focused on lawyers and their practice:

  • Arizona Attorney helps our readers do their job better—more efficiently and profitably—through editorial content that is analytical and topical.
  • Arizona Attorney is a practical resource and a valuable tool for Arizona lawyers on matters related to their practice, the justice system, the regulation of the legal profession and the improvement of the quality of legal services.
  • Arizona Attorney magazine strives to be the number-one source of legal news and information and the best forum for Arizona lawyers.
  • Our content sparks stimulating discussion through the presentation of challenging and thoughtful ideas.
  • We take an active role in creating a community in which lawyers can better connect with each other.

My payment for the lunch talk was a delicious sandwich; that was expected. But what I didn’t expect was the breadth and variety of ideas that came my way once I was done speaking. All I had to say was, “That’s what I’ve got, but do any of you have any story ideas you’d like to share?”

Did they ever! I wrote them all down, and I’ll be slotting a good number of them for future coverage.

Thank you again, Keith!

Would you or your organization like to hear more about Arizona Attorney? Would you like to discuss how to get yourself or your ideas into the publication, either via an article by you or via a story that contains your idea?

Feel free to write me anytime at, or call me at 602-340-7310.