Times a’ wasting. If you haven’t yet added to your calendar what promises to be a great event this Thursday evening, do it now.

The gathering is a Mentor kickoff event, sponsored by the State Bar of Arizona’s Mentor Committee and a number of other groups. I wrote about the event a few weeks ago. Now, I’m here to remind you to be there.

The big event is this Thursday, September 22. Drop by the downtown Phoenix Sheraton Hotel (and valet park for free for three hours). It will be in the hotel restaurant, District American Kitchen. More detail is available on the flyer (click to make it larger).

And yes, though I failed to mention it in my previous blog post, there will be appetizers and complimentary (nonalcoholic) beverages.

Because mentors are all about meeting and collaborating, demonstrate your skills in that regard by heading over to our Facebook event page. Once you’re there, click “I’m Attending.” And pass the link on to someone else you know who may benefit—either by meeting a mentor or by dispensing their experience and knowledge.

See you on Thursday.