On Wednesday, I took my version of a spa day. Well, not quite. But I did clean my glasses.

The truth is less pitiful (and gnarly) than it sounds. True, it wasn’t much of a getaway (in fact, I sat at my desk as I did it). But the minute or so it took served to remind me of the importance of pushing back and taking a breather. And that led to even more good things.

Happy Change of Venue Friday. As the weekend comes upon us, I am happy to report that my glasses-cleaning vacay provided a residue of relaxation from which I’m still benefiting 48 hours later. And it can work for you too.

The action of cleaning eyewear may (or may not) get you jazzed, but my resulting good feelings flowed from doing something typical in a way that was atypical. Let me explain.

Usually, I gaze through lenses that give me a hazy view of the world, to put it mildly (and that is not always a bad thing). Try as I might to keep my glasses pristine, the day’s travails inevitably take their toll, and I’m back to Blurs-ville.

And when I do clean them, it’s typically just a quick swipe with my shirt-front or a (clean) handkerchief. (Young reader, ask an old reader about this “handkerchief”). The result is eyewear only slightly less smudged.

Wednesday, though, I pushed back from my overflowing desk and opened a lower drawer. There, gazing at me balefully, was the clear plastic packet that included the finest tools to clean your glasses: 

  • A “specially-formulated” solution to spray on the lenses
  • A towel made of a NASA-type fiber with antimicrobial something, or antioxidant something else.

I’m not sure what’s in that little towel, but here’s what I know: It’s really swoopy smooth. So smooth that I’m not sure why they don’t make entire robes out of the fabric.

Anyway, though the cleaning kit sits a foot away from me, I rarely use it. But on Thursday, I zipped it open and got to cleaning.

A marvel. That’s what it was. I could see clearly. And my conclusion after the 60 seconds of lens sanitation? I deserve this. Oh yeah.


So pleased was I with the larger result—a feeling of calm—that I set to work cleaning my desktop. Within the hour, I had refiled or discarded a mass of orphan papers. My desk was clear, and my day improved dramatically.

Your results may vary, but ignore dirty lenses at your peril. After all, each of us has work to do, and you might worry that the 60-second vacation may cause you to lose a brief moment of productivity.

Comfy chairs await me.

More likely, doing your work in a new way may cause increased productivity. Today, I’ve committed to moving from my standard-issue swivel-type chair to a perch across my desk—into one of my more inspirational guest chairs. Not for the whole day, but for at least a portion.

As I recline in a seat I got from IKEA on deep discount, I will read, write and edit, all as usual. But my viewpoint will shift—and so might my work’s result.

Have a great weekend.