Reviewing the past week’s news of the world, I would have to say that a pie in the face gets top billing.

And on Change of Venue Friday, why not pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy some pie. Or, at least, as the Washington Post calls it, the “history of pieing.”

It took awhile to locate a serviceable photo of newspaper monolith Rupert Murdoch getting “pied,” as they say. Ultimately all that is available are stills pulled from the video—which was lackluster to start with.

At the State Bar of Arizona, I spoke with Rick DeBruhl, who happened to be watching Murdoch’s testimony when the sweet confection was schmooshed into Murdoch’s face. He said that at the moment it occurred, “the camera pulled away and focused immediately on the wall.”

Rupert Murdoch prefers scones.

Here are a few conclusions we may draw from this:

  • The British media do indeed take their marching orders from Murdoch.
  • The cameraman forgot his job and rushed over to see what was up.
  • The channel failed to note how much we all seem to enjoy pie-in-the-face shots.

Which takes us back to the Washington Post story and slideshow.

To insert a little culture into what is otherwise a rather low-brow blog post, I point you toward the Kennedy Center. That’s right, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Impressed yet? No? Well, this’ll do it.

The Kennedy Center appears to like casual Change of Venue Friday as much as I do, and they provide a little background on the pie-in-face phenom. As they indicate:

Fatty Arbuckle takes the first pie.

“The first pie-in-the-face is thrown on film: The practice of ‘pieing’ in film got its start in the 1913 movie A Noise from the Deep. Actress Mabel Normand hit co-star Fatty Arbuckle in the face with a pie—no word on what flavor it was.”

Read the whole story here. And down below are a few more photos of the famous meeting a baked good head-on.

Have a great weekend.

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